Why You Should Add Colorado Rafting to Your Family’s Road Trip

The best family road trips are spaced out with fun sightseeing and activities everywhere you go. Make your stop in Colorado unforgettable by experiencing the Rocky Mountains how they were supposed to be experienced: in the great outdoors. One of the best outdoor activities for this is whitewater rafting. Here’s why subbing in a rafting trip for your southern Colorado pit stop is the way to go.

Whitewater Rafting is Family Friendly

Family rafting trips in Colorado are suitable for all ages and levels of experience. There are class I-II rapids for young kiddos to explore more mild waters. Or, there are class III-V rapids for thrill seeking families with older kids. The variety of rivers and trip options makes it easy to cater a rafting trip to your family’s needs and skill levels. Whether your kids are toddlers, tweens, or anything in between, rafting is sure to bring splashes and smiles for the whole family.

Rafting is Better Than a Ball of Yarn

Of course, some road trip stops are staples. I mean, who wouldn’t want to stop to see the world’s largest fork (which you can see in Creede, Colorado)? It’s important and fun to see all of the essential country landmarks. However, sometimes your family needs a stop that’s more exciting and interactive, one that can get their hearts pumping after sitting in a stuffy car for hours on end. When that’s the case, stopping to look at the world’s largest frying pan just won’t cut it. So rather than just getting out to stretch your legs and sightsee, make your stop in Colorado worthwhile with a rafting adventure. It’s a great way to get some sunshine and try something new with the whole family. Plus, it’s more exciting than oversized twine.

Colorado Does It Best

Colorado may be landlocked, but the state has learned to make the most of its rivers. Visitors from around the country come to Colorado for the ultimate rafting experience, and for good reason. The Arkansas River is rated as one of the best rivers for whitewater rafting in all of the U.S. Offering class II-V rapids, it’s well loved by all. And if the superior white water wasn’t enough, the views are sure to get your heart pumping. As you navigate between the Rocky Mountain Peaks, you’ll be sure to be wowed by what Colorado has to offer.

Rafting Boost Kids’ Confidence

Rafting is the ideal road trip add on if you’re traveling with children because it can be a great confidence booster. Rafting is new to most kids and can sometimes be daunting at first. But after kids get the hang of it, they often feel a sense of accomplishment at having successfully made it down the rapids. With this small achievement comes a big boost in self esteem. Whitewater rafting as a family is a fun and easy way to expose our kiddos to new activities. It fosters a sense of adventure in them, and it helps them to feel confident as they expand their skill sets in unconventional ways.

Families Who Raft Together Stay Together

Whitewater rafting trips are also a great way to bond as a family. That’s because teamwork is essential during a rafting expedition. Every family member plays an important role, and you have to work together to paddle down the river. It’s the ultimate team bonding activity to bring everyone closer together. Furthermore, rafting is a great opportunity to communicate with one another without the distractions of phones, television, and work stress getting in the way. When you’re working together towards a common goal, all of these at-home stresses fade away. As a result, the whole family is engaged and focused on accomplishing the task at hand — together.

Adding Adventure to Your Roadtrip

Whitewater rafting provides a far better adrenaline rush than your average sightseeing ever could.
Furthermore, the sights of Colorado are best seen in the great outdoors. Upgrade your family road trip by
setting aside a day for rafting. It’s an unconventional and thrilling way to see a state from a perspective
other than through a car window.

A whitewater rafting trip can take a family road trip to the next level. It builds confidence in kids
and teamwork between family members. Plus it’s one of the most exciting ways to experience the great
outdoors. Give rafting a try for a road trip to remember.