Guest Post

Guest Post: Family Navigation and Geocaching

Family, a website for families integrating geocaching into their daily lives, is today’s guest post on Road Trips for Families. Learn how to geocache on a road trip and how the Geocache Diet can change your habits and your outlook on life.

Transform Your Holiday Road Trip

There’s no doubt that road trips can be stressful. As you’re planning your holiday road trip this year, keep these tips in mind from Jeff Siegel, author of the forthcoming book, “RelationTrips,” for transforming a holiday journey from “Are we there yet?” to “Let’s go!”

Geocaching with Midwest Guest

In our first site interview with a seasoned geocacher, Road Trips for Families interviews Dominique King (GroverZ) about her caching experiences, her travel bugs, and some of her most interesting finds.

Guest Post: Me Jane. You Tarzan?

Moving through a forest canopy like Tarzan was something I associated with television until recently when I found myself on a 35-foot-tall tree platform with a rope in my hand ready to jump off and swing more than a bowling alley length to a large net. Could I do this?