Navigating Public Transportation on Your Florida Vacation

Going on vacation is so much fun. Exploring a new location or returning to a favorite place brings the opportunity for new experiences and creating memories. To help travelers get from place to place in the Miami area, public transportation provides great service to help travelers navigate the city.

Utilizing Local Transportation

One of the exciting yet challenging parts of arriving in a new city is finding your way around. One of the perks of traveling to a large city is utilizing public transportation to get around the city to see the sites. Larger groups of friends or families can benefit by utilizing public transportation on their Miami trip. This way, multiple cars are not trying to follow one another, you do not have to worry about parking in separate parking lots and paying different fees, and there is no disagreement over driving arrangements.

Miami is a vibrant city, full of excitement and opportunities to explore and participate in fun events. There are restaurants, beaches, shopping, sports, and arts. Miami also has many neighborhoods with their own culture and distinct personality. Rather than driving from area to area, and getting turned around in the city, visitors can utilize Miami’s public transportation options to get around town. By utilizing these options, visitors can relax, not have to worry about finding parking, or getting lost. 

Options for Miami Transportation 

Miami has many options for public transportation. Fortunately, Miami has provided a lot of transportation information and made it available at your fingertips. With information on maps, routes, and fares, you will be ready to enjoy the city and leave your car safely parked.

  1. Metromover – Miami has a Metromover that is a rail car that transports people around the Miami area, including to and from the airport. The Metromover allows visitors to make it to their destination from the airport, and can alleviate the need to rent a car or drive in the city.
  2. Miami’s Metrorail, separate from the Metromover, is another rail system that takes travelers across further distances. The Metrorail can also provide a connection to other public transportation in the greater Miami area, including the Brightline to the West Palm Beach area and the South Dade Transitway. 
  3. Miami also has many bus routes to help people get from place to place. Bus routes can take visitors around the city to see their top attractions on their Miami vacation list.

The fare feature allows you to plan your transportation budget for your group so reduce unexpected expenses of traveling in the city. Since these options connect not just Miami but the surrounding areas, this makes using public transportation even easier!

Safety on Public Transportation in Florida

It is important to always be aware of your surroundings. This is true especially on vacation and while traveling by public transportation away from home. Acknowledging these dangers can help keep you safe on your vacation.

Despite its usefulness and ease, public transportation has some inherent dangers. While traveling on the bus, from South Beach back to the hotel, dripping wet passengers can create a slippery floor of the bus, creating a slip and fall risk for other passengers. In addition, if the transportation operator is negligent, a difficult standard to prove, the passengers may be able to recover for injuries sustained.

Now that you have some tips for using Miami’s public transportation options safely, you can sit back, relax, and enjoy this spirited city.

Yale-educated attorney Jack Hill is a native of Palm Beach County, Florida. He has handled dozens of jury trials as an Assistant State Attorney. His successful prosecution of one of the first post-September 11 airport security cases attracted national media attention, and was covered and aired by Court TV.