Best Souvenirs from Tombstone, Arizona

Souvenirs are the best part of any vacation. Who doesn’t have t-shirts, shot glasses, and bumper stickers in their vacation collections? We’re starting to compile lists of the best souvenirs at the spots we visit. Welcome to the world of kitschy vacation memories!

Tombstone – Arizona in Souvenirs

Sheriff Badges – Everyone is the sheriff in Tombstone. No gun required.

tombstone sherrif badgeCactus Seeds – Saguaro cactus is an amazing plant. Ever wanted to see what a baby saguaro looks like? You can grow your own with these seeds.cactus seeds

Guns – Guns are almost a forbidden toy in most places, but they’re welcome in Tombstone. Hook a plastic cap gun on your belt and try to shoot the bad guys.

tombstone guns

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Bullets – Yes, Tombstone is probably the only place you can buy a bullet souvenir.

tombstone bulletsRattlesnake Hat Band – You don’t have to shoot a snake yourself. You can buy a rattlesnake hat band for your cowboy hat that’s ready to wear.

tombstone rattlesnake hat bandAnd the craziest souvenir in Tombstone – The Rock Band

rock bandHappy trails!