Best Pirate Festivals for Families

There’s a new pirate movie in theaters, but let’s face it, pirates are popular any time. Especially with kids. And dads. We researched the best family-friendly pirate celebrations, and here are our suggestions.

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Top 10 Winter Festivals for Families

Get out and enjoy the winter sports and festivities at one of these winter festivals. It was hard to pick just 10 top festivals this year, so many of our favorites are growing and adding activities. These are our top picks for 2011.

Top 10 Fall Festivals for Families

Fall is festival season, and harvest and foodie celebrations take place all over the country. So, what festivals are really road trip worthy for the family? It was particularly hard to pick only 10 favorites this year, and we welcome any comments about your favorites that might not be on our list. We’ll definitely research them for next year’s list.

Best Family St. Patrick’s Day Celebrations

You’d never know that St. Patrick’s Day is technically a religious holiday. For families, it’s mostly a time to celebrate the Irish side of the family (or pretend like you have one) and enjoy the festivities. Do you go all out and dress in green from head to toe? Cook anything special? Green eggs and ham anyone? If you’re looking for the biggest family-friendly celebrations, here’s the master list.